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Reverse Psychology, Mannerism Switch.

"Stop tryna imitate guys on road, you cannot buy G status."

-JME, "Gangsta", 2019

Right now I'm listening to Shmurda by Dezzie. Why? Because I like it. However, some would accuse me of trying to be hard, trying to come from a place that I'm not from, etcetera. Fair enough, why is a nice 'posh girl' listening to Drill? Honestly, who knows. For me it's actually about the music, ask my mates I swear! (I'm trying to take the piss but I don't have any piss taking emojis on a laptop)

A lot of the time I see people getting accused of trying to be on road by listening to drill and talking like they live in 'ends', and as my friends told me if there isn't a block within half a mile of you then you don't live in ends. I'm not even going to argue with this though, it's true, and a lot of people are guilty of it, including me.

As JME so trustfully said, "Man are tryna get out the hood but, you were never there so you're tryna get in. Backwards ting!"

It's one thing appreciating the music, but acting as if you're on road, trap, and make P because of it is not the way to go. Anyone should be able to own and rep where they're from without being mocked for it, whether you're from E1W or SW3, it really doesn't matter. I think we need to get rid of this resent towards people from 'wealthier' postcodes, but people from the wealthier postcodes really need to stop acting as if they come from a much less fortunate background, because believe it or not, a lot of people would give anything for the luxuries that many receive within a said lifestyle.

My main issue is the way people are ashamed of coming from fortunate backgrounds; be proud! You're blessed! We are all blessed in one way or another, regardless of where we're from, whether it's family, friends, having a roof over our heads, some form of education, or just being alive sometimes.

If people want to be individuals, which is what you should want in the grand scheme of things, then go for it, please, but do not imitate a lifestyle that many are trying to escape. The Drill rappers that you recite the lyrics of are off the streets for a reason, is it so hard to learn from that? If you want an example then take a look at Giggs; he got out of there, and now is encouraging everyone to do the best for themselves and get off the streets as soon as possible. His words were, "They don't wanna see us win, so let's win."

Pretty motivational in my opinion, but can you see where I'm coming from? It's not that people aren't proud, but the famed people that you're listening to on repeat, aren't trying to stay, they're trying to move out, or the majority are anyway. You talk about trapping, but most of them don't have a choice; I personally get annoyed when fortunate people go about it like it's something that everyone aspires to be, NO. Although it isn't the best way to provide, income is income and people take what comes their way. There isn't a problem with being money motivated, but plenty of fortunate people are out here acting as if trapping is the only way.

However, i can see why there would be a twisted perception. You have rappers who talk about it in a positive light on Drill tracks, artists with respect, but has no one else seen how they've evolved to the public? Take AJ Tracey's Mic Check, all he was rapping about was the packs he flipped, now his main focus is on his clothes, cars and sweet ones; that's all I've noticed.

A lot of you might be saying that it isn't my place to speak, and sure, I get it, but I see the line, and to be completely honest, the majority of people in an even more fortunate position than me don't. It's odd, to me it seems that the more fortunate you are, the more you want to replicate that lifestyle, and this is why it's obvious reverse psychology, to me at least.

Now, I know that a lot of people reading this will probably be thinking: "Isabella, shut up," and fair enough, I see why, but in my opinion the main reason as to why some would be saying that is because people don't like to be told the truth, and we react. I honestly don't think I'm talking pure shit here, and I think a lot of you who are angry about this all, because you're taking it as some kind of personal attack, know deep down that I'm actually only talking facts.

So, therefore, I would just like to conclude with this; you can listen to the music you want, wear the clothes you want, talk how you want, who am I to tell you otherwise? However don't do all of this to imitate a lifestyle, neglecting yours that is such a privilege to obtain, compared to a lot of people. Many are so lucky to have access to such things, and by portraying yourself as someone you're bit, not only do people question you, but they also begin to talk, and you begin to look a little bit ridiculous. I can happily say that everyone has all the right in the world to come at me and call me a hypocrite, but there is a difference between someone taking an interest in a localised culture, and someone copying it.


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