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Spontaneity: What It Can Do For You

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

If my family or teachers are reading this then lol

Random photo of BBK because why not

Not gonna lie, I'm going through a little bit of a dry patch in terms of topics to write on, but I've found a diamond in the rough after having a go at myself about not being creative enough, and I hereby present to you this article.

Hold tight all the mandem doing bits, whatever it is, but this article is mainly for the rest of us sitting back, watching in envy, complaining to ourselves, and then pushing the whole topic to the side. My words are this: stop being a bitch, get up, do something.

Tough love works, no one @ me.

You don't need three weeks preparation to get your opinion out there, or money either; take me for example: young, no p, sat at home most of the time watching Gasworks, and then I had a conversation with my friend Zac (@zacdes). I was complaining (standard) about how I was bored of everything, being miserable, and his words were "If you've got something, then use it and shape it into something else."

He basically told me to stop sitting on my ass; I followed his advice, and within roughly three hours this website was up-and-running, an article published too. Mad.

85 percent of you are all probably thinking: "What is this yat talking about? Why am I even reading this?" but don't go, please, I'm getting to the point.

This website made me happy. As someone said to me before, it's keeping me busy, helps me channel everything into something that is therapeutic for not only me, but on the receiving end, for others too. Realistically, if you're thinking about doing something, and procrastinating over it, and then being irritable about how you haven't done it, you're being some next level dickhead because WHEN YOU DO IT; triumph. Triumph I tell you. I can't lie, I thought next to everyone was going to mock me for this; pressing 'publish' was scary, but when you do something with passion and drive NO ONE CAN CHAT TO YOU.

Honestly don't chat to me, I'm sick. This is the energy we need for the future ladies and gentlemen.

You'll feel a sense of pride, and this weird feeling of excitement that I don't really know how to explain; you start thinking about the future and the amount of prosperity that's coming your way, what you're gonna do with it, how things will play out. Honestly, probably one of the best feelings in the world.

Yes, not going to lie, there are days where i look at the things I write and give myself a bollocking. 'How can you publish this? Were you dropped as an infant? What went wrong?' All of the repeating phrases that appear in my head, but you have your good days to save you from the detrimental thoughts. It's normal.

There was a main reason for writing this article today, and that reason is because too often, for time now, I've been hearing people talking about how they want to do things. They want to make a brand, they want to make music, they want to exhibit their art, they want to be able to do XYZ.

Mandem, enough of 'wanting' to do things. Unless you actually do it you're really not gonna get anywhere.

It's time to start saying 'I've made a brand, i've made music, I've exhibited my art, I've published a BMT WEBSITE YEAH YEAH YGM'

Of course, not everything works first time, but do not let that drag your dream down, or prevent you from doing a task, no matter what the scale is please don't stop trying, for yourself, because there will come a day where you look back and say "FUCK, could have done that easily not even gonna lie." Trust me, no one wants to be in that position, it's one of the worst feelings as opposed to the best that you could get when you gain that sense of achievement.

So, please, don't sit and wait, because everyday that you wait you let your dream pass, the dream slowly begins to fade after a certain point, and what could've been, now has little to no chance.

You are capable; let me tell you. So go and do it! If I can, trust me, you one hundred percent can.

Anyway yeah yeah hold tight everyone reading this, maybe see some of you lot at carni tomorrow innit,

Positively Unhelpful

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