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The Hardest Brands in London

DISCLAIMER: In no way, shape or form, am I claiming to be an expert in up-and-coming brands, and I would also just like to announce that none of said companies need this promotion; they're doing bits on their own.

Today, at Two PM, I witnessed a stampede of young men and women racing down Broadwick Street, Soho, something I haven't seen since Week 1 at Supreme a couple years back. It was ridiculous, there was rowdy and excited hollering coming from all corners, and I wasn't the only spectator who was thoroughly confused. So, what did I do? I followed the crowd of people and found them congregated outside Patta's shop on Silver Place. Then my nosy side shone through and I found myself watching the crowd, wanting to see what it was that they were all going crazy for. There stood guys in different-coloured Ballys, one shooting on film and the rest lobbing t-shirts to members of the crowd. My silent approach from afar failed, I googled the back of the t-shirt, all I could see, but had no luck, so I asked around.

"Corteiz," The guy told me, nodding towards the tight group of many people at the front of the Patta store. "They're giving out free t-shirts, they're too cold."

Those were his words exactly, and I cannot lie to you all, they were dumb hard. So, this inspired me to write this article; What are the hardest streetwear brands in London? Although I only just encountered Corteiz today, after a long stalk and a lot of asking around, they're at the top of my list.

@crtz.rtw on instagram

London is one of the key fashion hubs around the world; with schools such as Central Saint Martins and London College of Fashion, young and flourishing designers from around the world come together in our Capital to cultivate and share their ideas and creations. As well, we have London Fashion Week taking place, allowing major fashion houses and up-and-coming designers prove their worth alongside each other. However, you don't need to go to fashion school to create something that will take over the game.

In this article I will be listing a few of the Hardest Brands and Shops in London, in my own eyes. Not only will this show the creativity of Londoners, but also prove what young people can do.

Calafar Clothing (@calafarclothing)

Created by 16 year old @raf6420, the brand first of all placed intricate graphic designs onto block coloured t's, catching the attention of many, myself included. Owner, Raf, then proceeded to produce hoodies with a new graphic logo, sporting a neon multi-coloured 'Corrupted Mind' across it. The designs, although being somewhat futuristic can remind one of the old days too, with a retro sense in the formation of the logo. On the 3rd of August a new Logo was released, pushing the brand's progress forward. Calafar is available online, with their link in their instagram bio.

'Precious' by Tolubello (@preciousbytolubello)

One of my favourites, 'Precious' captures graphic designs and places them onto jumpers, hoodies, and trackies. Due for sale very soon, the 16 year old Designer, Tolubello, has created a collection of extremely popular items, most notably the 'PRECIOUS' signet crewneck. The bold logo not only captures the eye, but doesn't sore it either. The popularity of the brand is rising hugely, and I personally cannot wait to see what Tolu brings to the table, as if he hasn't done enough already.

Tolu on film

Hostage (@hostage.hostage)

Built in London, this low-key brand have some of the most captivating designs I have personally ever seen. I know next to nothing about the designer or its origins; however, I do know that every single design this designer has produced is stupendously hard, yeah, I said stupendous, and what? The designer's original creations, from what I can see, are graphic t's and hoodies plastered with a skeleton emerging from the flames, and a jagged logo above. Proceeding these items, amongst many others, is what the designer has named the 'Glock Tee'. The scrawled writing and stretched out weapon on the back keeps you looking at the t-shirt, trust me; currently sold in white and a vivid purple, It's one of my favourite pieces out there. I'm personally excitedly anticipating what the designer has to bring out next.

Hostage is available online accompanied by worldwide shipping

@hostage.hostage on instagram

Saint Parck (@saintparck) (@freddyspinach for more recent work)

Starting off by hand-customising jeans (bleaching and then writing his emotions onto the fabric), North-West London based 17 year old designer, Freddy Spinach (@freddyspinach), has been on a mission to portray fashion differently; his main message is that not everything is pretty. Spinach portrays his emotions in his work, emotions such as triumph and pain. The 17 year old is working to try and present his pieces in the most unique way possible; he wants everyone to know that now it's time for fashion to not just change, but evolve for the better. One of the most creative minds I have ever come across, Spinach channels all his time into his clothing as well as customisations, his forte. The recent dropping of his Season 1 collection in my opinion was epic, and I truly cannot wait to see what he shows us next.


@freddyspinach @saintparck on instagram

Dukes Cupboard (@dukescupboard)

This will most likely not be a new name to the majority of you based in London; arguably the epicentre of Soho vintage designer, streetwear, and sportswear, Dukes Cupboard have dominated the industry since the beginning. Started by Ned (@ned_3000) and Milo (@duke_milo) in 2012, initially beginning as a stall on Berwick Street, the shop has moved to two different locations, and with that their popularity has increased massively. Via their instagram and website too, they've been successfully selling, trading and buying vintage garments, with the occasional most-recent release from Supreme or Palace in the mix upon stock. It's one of the best places to stumble across individual special finds, for example when I was supposed to buy a jumper for my sibling and I actually ended up keeping it for myself (not ashamed). Their success keeps on increasing with a constant stream of customers, a recent pop-up store in New York, and the reappearance of famed faces such as Octavian, Slow Thai, Kim Jones, and firm UK favourites: Kurupt FM. What the two guys have managed to do with the shop is crazy, and I have nothing but respect.

Clothes are available in store: 14 Ingestre Place, London, United Kingdom, as well as online at

In conclusion, I can confidently deduce from this article that London is filled with an incredible, almost abnormal amount of talent and a thriving passion to create and fulfil; people from all corners are coming together to be in our culture and experience our ways. The brands that I've listed today have derived from some of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure to encounter, and therefore I hope those of you who are unaware of them are quick to make yourselves familiar.

Hopefully I was Positively Unhelpful


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